Raleigh Roofing Group Launches Facebook Page
Raleigh Roofing Group is now making it easier than ever for local consumers to learn all about the services

April 23, 2015 ) Staff Writer Greg Beaty now explains — Raleigh Roofing Group,1615 Collegeview Ave #204, Raleigh, NC 27606, is now making it easier than ever for local consumers to learn all about the services their company provides. The Raleigh Roofing Group has announced the launch of a Facebook page, an initiative that will further connect consumers with reliable, professional roofing services in the Raleigh area.

Facebook is a proven way for businesses to reach out to consumers, and Raleigh Roofing Group is taking advantage of this unique platform, as well. Through the company’s Facebook page, Raleigh Roofing Group is now sharing videos, articles, info graphics, and other content aimed at giving local consumers an inside perspective of the roofing industry. With tips, strategies, and information, Raleigh Roofing Group is using its Facebook page to arm consumers with the latest roofing industry trends and more.

Raleigh Roofing Group is a one-stop resource for local, reputable roofing services. While home and business owners often are faced with difficulty in finding a professional roofing service that is affordable and suited to their needs, Raleigh Roofing Group connects consumers with the roofing contractor that will expertly get the desired job done. With a leading edge customer care center and 100% money back guarantee, Raleigh Roofing Group offers the area’s leading roofing services at great prices.

The company is proud to offer a myriad of roofing solutions for Raleigh area clients, including tile roofing, metal roofing, shingle roofing, roof analysis, roof maintenance, roof repair, roof replacement, and emergency leak repairs. In a continuous effort to provide the best services to their customers, Raleigh Roofing Group decided to launch a Facebook page. Today, social media is a popular choice among all age groups, demographics, and types of consumers, and the company hopes that the new Facebook presence will further connect home and business owners with reliable local roofing services.

“Social media has become one of the best ways to reach out to customers,” said Raleigh Roofing Group owner Jonathan Daniele. “We feel this channel will be a great way to keep our customers up to date.” The company will utilize Facebook to deliver their latest promotions, offers, and deals, as well as a wealth of vital industry information. Potential and existing clients alike can expect to find videos, articles, info graphics, and more via the Raleigh Roofing Group Facebook page.

Details can be found at https://www.facebook.com/RaleighRoofingCompany.

About Raleigh Roofing Group:
Raleigh Roofing Group connects area consumers with professional roofing services, providing a no-hassle, guaranteed way for businesses and individuals to find reliable roof maintenance, roof analysis, roof repair, roof replacement, and more.

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Company Name: Raleigh Roofing Group
Name: Jonathan Daniele
Email: sales@localraleighroofer.com
Phone: (919) 890-3717
Address: North Carolina
Zipcode: 27606

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