This is one of the Worst Flat Roof Repairs I have Come Across in a While – Bad Roofing Job.
This is one of the worst flat roof repair job I have seen in a while. The repairs are some of the sloppiest I have seen.

You have to be very careful about getting the contractor to provide you with a detailed estimated before he starts. Don’t take his word for it unless you know you can trust him with your roof!

I think that because you can see a flat roof that people care about it less. Once someone does some sloppy maintenance to your roof it just goes down hill from there.

Things you need to know about your flat roof repair is that the roofer is going to be very clean and good about removing all the trash he creates before you pay him. Trash left on a roof top is dangerous and can be damaging to your roof.

If the roofer syas he is going to seal something you should find out what brand and type of coating or sealant is he going to use. Do a little reading and make sure they are using the recommended products and allowing for proper drying time.

If you take a little time educating yourself about what need to be done and what products are going to be used you could save yourself some headaches and hope from what your about to see from happening.